Dear camping fans,

it’s time to create a webpage that will give all of you, our English-speaking community, a much easier way to understand “what is going on at the Nurburgring? And what about camping?”.

First a short summary of what has happened.
( if you are not interested in reading through: skip directly to page CAMPING GUIDELINES 2020 for all information )

All of us experienced a lockdown, so to our campground operation commencing mid of March until May 17th.

Events, small and big, had to be cancelled due to government orders, to support activities to minimize the spread of the virus.

May 18th. we were allowed to re-open camping, but with many restrictions in the beginning. Now, it’s almost all reduced to: social distancing, wearing a face mask at check in/out and inside the restrooms, and washing your hands carefully.

The Nurburgring organization opened north-loop and grand-prix-track for tourist rides since. We don’t expect any major event this year to be happening without limitations to customer, if they will be allowed to attend the event. Events in question are: Oldtimer Grand Prix, DTM, 24hours Nurburgring and Rally-Cross-race-weekend postponed into December.

Usually you are used to arrive here at our campground, whatever day of the week, whatever your length of stay, and from morning till late evening.

At the moment, we navigate through many constraints that we are dealing with: events like what we know from the past, have been cancelled this year, there are still many restrictions for our camping fans at home at their workplace. Just to mention a few of many other.

Due to those reasons, we ourselves, still operate with very limited opening days, and if so, opening hours of our reception.

Since our re-opening in May, we post all current information on our webpage. Due to the many regulations and frequency of new orders from government, there was almost no time left, other than to keep up in German language only.

But we are aware of our great community of English speaking friends, and we also are responsible to provide every one with first-hand information.

There are a few things that everybody needs to know for planning your camping trip this year that we will be outlined on the following page and document (Link at bottom of this page).

Thank you for taking your time, and showing interest in camping and staying with us.

You are welcome at our campground, and we are looking forward to the rest of this year, and definitely 2021 and beyond.

Wishing you all the best.

Camping am Nürburgring GmbH / operation & team